Above: Ghana's first automobile, driven by the British governor (1895).

A Belgian trading steamer on the upper Congo River in 1890.

French missionaries in Gabon were among the first big game hunters.

Photo by Bruno Barbey.

Above: Delia Akely, an American sent to Africa to hunt elephants in 1905.

Travel by hammock in French Congo.

Above: hammock travel in Angola, ca. 1900.

Chief from the Lokele tribe, western Congo. Feather headdresses and leopard-tooth necklaces were typically seen on chiefs in the African "interior". (1937)

A Mboandem woman in Rembong, Cameroon. This photo was taken in 1895. 

A python, a French missionary and locals in Gabon.

Theodore Roosevelt in Africa in 1909 collecting specimens for the Smithsonian Institution.

Women bathing in a pool in Sierra Leone.

Traveling by canoe on the Ogowe river of Gabon.

A European doctor administering vaccines.

A French colonial photograph, ca. 1900.

A Ga girl in Adda, Ghana, ca. 1883-88. 

Schoolchildren and candidates for baptism in Ekom, Cameroon, 1930s.

A street in Ghana ca. 1890.

Colonial troops in Togo, 1880s.

A rare photo of Lagos, Nigeria in the 1880s.

Landing boards for a Christian mission's carpentry shop in Bonaku, Douala, Cameroon, 1900. In the background, a steamer and a launch.

A woman drawing water in the Grassfields of Cameroon near Bagam, 1911.

Igbo "maiden spirit" masks (Agbogho Mmuo) in Cameroon or Nigeria.

Two young boys in native head dress. West Africa, circa 1900-1920.

Ernest Hemingway on safari in Africa in the 1930s.

An Otufo girl in Ghana in 1890.

A lion killed in Bamum, Cameroon, 1907.

A church in Bamedig, Cameroon, 1928.

A photo from Ghana circa 1890.

A four-breasted woman, Sierra Leone, 1909.

A photo from 1889: a Cameroonese dwarf.

Photo from Cameroon from the Mecklenburg-Schwerin expedition of 1907/08.

Above: a photo from 1911 from an unknown location in West Africa, probably Ghana. 

Another photo from Ghana. 

Ghana, 1911.

Interior of house at Musgum in Cameroon, circa 1912. 

Above: railway station on the line from Matadi to Stanley Pool, 1891. 

Queen Elizabeth meeting the oba of Benin in 1956.

The Queen Mother of Bamum, Cameroon, 1906.

Ngutane, oldest daughter of the king, with her mother in Bamum, Cameroon, 1913.

A mother taking her child to bathe. Cameroon, early 1930s.

Tuke and Mowue, two of the King's wives, playing the guitar. Cameroon, 1913.

Pombure, daughter of the King's son-in-law. Bamum, Cameroon, 1913.

Mendi girls in Sierra Leone.

A doctor sucks blood from a sick woman. Cameroon, early 1930s.

A missionary outstation at Ndogomakumak. Cameroon, 1906.

A journey to Fumban in Cameroon, 1908.

Marching through elephant grass, 1901.

Cameroon or Ghana, ca. 1911.

In the mangroves in Cameroon, 1900.

SS Oregon steamship in Belgian Congo, 1928.

A river boat near Bumba, Belgian Congo, July 29, 1909.

Overland travel in west central Africa, 1950s.

A Congo village in the 1950s.

Christian women building a small church in Moganso, Cameroon (1939).

Christian women building a small church in Moganso, Cameroon (1939).

Steamers were the major mode of transportation for ferrying rubber down the Congo river. They are still widely used today.

Preaching Christianity in a Cameroon village,1910.

Fruits and root-vegetables in Cameroon, late 1890s.

Rest house compound at Dapong, Togo in 1910.

A Tafo village in Ghana, 1888.

A village in Cameroon, 1895.

Village in the area of the Bakossi tribe, near Nyasoso in Cameroon, 1900. This village is likely a man with three wives.

A village of the Barue tribe in Cameroon, 1896.

Nyasoso region of Cameroon in 1895.

A trek across Cameroon in 1904.

A fetish for protection (a mud statue) at the entrance to a village in Togo, circa 1900.

A village in the West African interior, 1888.

A beautiful find -- a moment captured from a faraway time and place: a village somewhere in southwest Cameroon, with the Rumpi highlands behind. (1913)