A blog called Ụ́kpụ́rụ́ about the Igbo people of West Africa: 

₦airaland Forum has authentic news and photos of Nigerian life:

Liberty.Writers.Africa has poetry and "controversial societal topics from the African continent". 

More of a site than a blog, Ghana Celebrities shows the stars of Ghanaian culture.

Away from Africa describes the culture of Sub-Saharan Africa with news of African artists, designers and writers.

Cameroon Adventure, a Welshman's account of several years in Cameroon is a fascinating account of life in a West African country.

Le blog de Fabrice au Congo discusses many interesting places and travels in Congo. [French language] 

The Nomad Connection has excellent articles about the nomads of the Ténéré Desert:

Les bons plans de Fatou! is published for the Malian community in France. [En français.]

Nigerian-American author Ikhide Ikheloa writes about African literature on Ikhide:

Image by Bill Tavis used by permission.