“...seating ourselves about the immense fire, for it was growing chilly, we took a hearty supper together... Then ensued wild stories of hunting adventures, of witchcraft, and evil spirits, well-fitting the rude picturesque surroundings...”
— Paul Du Chaillu, “Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa” (1861), p. 166.

BELOW: The Ile-Ife Hunting Game Association publishes videos showing hunting and preparation of bushmeat in West Africa.

Below: Bagyeli Pygmy hunting a rat.

Petroglyphs in Niger thought to be 30,000 years old found near the Oasis of Tezizet.

Prehistoric rock art by hunters, Niger.

A hunting society goat mask, Ibo tribe (Igbo), Nigeria. 19th century.

Prehistoric rock art at Tiguidit, Agadez Province, Niger.

More Niger rock art discovered in the desert.

Fetish tunics worn by hunters, Cameroon or Mali. 20th century.

A Dogon hunter in Begnimato, Mali.