Some hand-painted movie posters from Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria in West Africa, where films are often transported to and shown in remote towns and villages.  

Break out the popcorn! Let's watch an old-fashioned pulp film:

On les appelle les revenants. C’est la culture la plus dangereuse. On ne touche pas à leurs habits.”

[“They are called Revenants — Those Returning to Life. The most dangerous culture of ours. They are not approached, no-one touches their clothing.”]
— Dansou Dmitri Samson, Savalou, Benin, August 22, 2017


A Dispatch from Southwest Region of Cameroon.

Lake Nyos (the angry lake) is widely known in Cameroon as one of the most dangerous lakes. It is somewhat sinister in appearance and looks naturally angry. This lake erupted in 1986 emitting a cloud of supersaturated carbon dioxide which killed 1,746 people. The lake’s frightening and dangerous nature makes it a tourist attraction.” — Sent from Kumba by correspondent Aseneh Anjoh, August 2017
Nyos 2.jpg

Above: roasting plums and plaintains. 

Above: a food market in Bamenda. 

A monument of a typical traditional “Town Cryer” in the North West region of Cameroon.

The ‘’Town Cryer’’ reflects the cultural milieu in which the University of Bamenda is implanted. The ‘’Town Cryer’’ is not only a guardian of the society’s history, but also a propagator of thoughts and beliefs of the people, poems, parables and traditional wisdom (orature).

He is a memory of the society and above all, his gong summons the community to come together.”
— Aseneh Anjoh, from Bamenda, Cameroon, July 8, 2017.


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