ASENEH ANJOH is a journalism student at University of Bamenda in northwest Cameroon. She provides photos and articles of places and events in her region.


APE ACTION AFRICA contributed the video "Nona's Story". They are doing outstanding work saving and rehabilitating gorillas, chimpanzees and baboons in Cameroon.


CONNOR BELL of Montréal uses his background in computer programming to create mesmerizing graphic image files. His images are available for licensing. To see more of Connor's work, visit his Twitter page [below].


JEAN-MICHEL CLAJOT is a well-known Belgian filmmaker and photographer. His work has been published in Le Monde,, National Geographic, Newsweek, Time, Grands Reportages, China News.

He contributed the film "Scarification in Benin" and his photos of tribal scarring.

CAMERON KARSTEN is a multi-talented Seattle-based photographer. His article "Vodou Footprints" was recently published in GEO magazine. [See Power and Magic page.] 

DMITRI DANSOU lives in Savalou, Benin and reports on culture and other news. 

AMED MACKIE is a Sierra Leone businessman who documents West Africa. He contributed "A teenage girl's life in Freetown".

SOULEYMANE MAHAMAN is a well-known director from Agadez in Niger. He has made many outstanding films about the Ténéré desert, its traditions and celebrations. He contributed "Roumdji".

[Souleyman Mahaman est réalisateur de la télévision nationale au Niger et directeur de Tal TV. Il est né à Dosso et a grandi à Agadés.]

FABRICE MOUSTIC est voyageur français en passage à  Pointe-Noire, permettant une découverte progressive du pays).

[Fabrice is a Frenchman living in Congo on a professional mission at Point-Noire, allowing him to gradually discover the country.]   

CLIFFORD OWOSU is a Ghanaian-American comedian, entertainer and producer known for his videos on his YouTube channel Kliff555. His videos have been featured on Good Morning America, BET and BuzzFeed. 

JOHN R. PLATT  is an American journalist and editor specializing in wildlife and environmental issues. He writes for Scientific American, TakePart, Vice and other publications. He has published six thousand articles.

GLENN SCHERER is an American contributing editor at His environmental writing also appears on,,, and in more than 150 U.S. newspapers. 

DENNIS VAN VLIERBERGHE of Antwerp, Belgium contributed his knowledge of West African spiders. His website is a tremendous resource for naturalists and collectors.